Handbags – The Perfect Accent to Your Personality

Let’s face it, clothes do make the man, or in the case of handbags, the woman. Indeed, how we dress says a lot about us as individuals. For instance, a woman attired in cowgirl boots, denim jeans and plaid shirt would give a different impression than one dressed in a Chanel original. It all depends on the message we wish to convey to the world.

This is where the all mighty handbag comes in. As a modern day accessory, it is indispensable. Not only is it needful to carry all important personal effects like ID, insurance and credit cards, the item can accessorize outfits better than any other fashion device.

As a small clutch, a shoulder bag, or a tiny decorative special occasion piece, the handbag can be utilized for a variety of functions.

Now of course, when handbags were first introduced they were perhaps less a fashion statement and more utilitarian in nature. Egyptian hieroglyphics indicate that soft purses were fashioned onto girdles that were attached at the waist. These were perhaps used to store a great number of items that were of common use at the time, making them more functional than decorative. Still, it can be surmised that in this lavish society, the upper crust found a way to differentiate their bags from the masses.

The first official mention of handbags as they may be known today was in the 14th century. While they were also mainstream items, the rich made sure that they carried a purse that signified their status. These purses and clutches were often elaborate or jewel encrusted. Even so, just as today, these handbags were used to carry around essential items.

Today, the trend continues with a variety of handbags in different sizes, shapes, styles and colors. The type of bag one desires to purchase depends on what your needs are. For example, one would not take a huge shoulder bag to the opera. A small beaded purse or clutch would do the trick nicely and can store small needful things like make up or a driver’s license.

However, if you are a mother on the go with little ones to cater to while running errands, a functional bag is the best bet. In this type of scenario however, the handbag can still make an individual statement. A nice leather or denim carry all with decorative, full pockets or pouches can work well and even double as a diaper bag.

Handbags can be dressed up or down and used for a variety of reason in a number of ways. There are even male version of the hand bag available for fashionable men who desire the convenience associated with modern day carry alls. These bags have a more masculine design and can come in a variety of designer colors and styles as well.

At the end of the day, we all wish to show our best face to the world. It is the little touches that compliment a fashion ensemble and help us put that little extra stamp on our personal style. For the fashion savvy consumer, modern handbags can do that and more.